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Electroacoustic ceiling at Roy Thomson Hall. Photo.

Welcome to the Division of Engineering Acoustics

The field of Engineering Acoustics covers a broad area within acoustics, ranging from structural acoustics to psychoacoustics. One important objective is to design structures to meet requirements given by the perception of sound.

The education in Engineering Acoustics consists of undergraduate courses in architectural acoustics, building acoustics and electro-acoustics at all undergraduate levels.

Engineering Acoustics is part of the Department of Construction Sciences. The main research areas at the division of Engineering Acoustics are:

  • Building Acoustics
  • Room Acoustics
  • Psycho Acoustics
  • Electro Acoustics

Each of the current research projects is at least partly supported by industry and is conducted in close collaboration with industrial organizations. The objectives are thereby, mainly, stated from the industrial needs.

Sound waves. Illustration.