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Master's Dissertations

TVBA-5063 (pdf 3.64 MB)
Title: Acoustic impact of working from home
Author: Larm, Christoffer
105 pages. First published May 2021.

TVBA-5062 (pdf 4.46 MB)
Title: Evaluation of outdoor environment in preschools using the soundscape approach
Author: Caban, Semir
77 pages. First published June 2020.

TVBA-5061 (pdf 7.93 MB)
Title: Acoustic performance of Timber Volume Elements
Author: Olsson, Oliver
68 pages. First published June 2020.

TVBA-5060 (pdf 55 MB)
Title: Hur genomföring av ventilationskanaler påverkar lättregelväggars ljudisolering - En analys av huruvida befintlig teori stämmer överens med mätdata
Author:  Nilsson, Erik
179 pages. First published May 2020.

TVBA-5059 (pdf 1.1MB)
Title: A comparison of binaural recordings performed in six different room configurations
Author:  Perkhed, Denice
67 pages. First published February 2020.

TVBA-5058 (pdf 3.2 MB)
Title: FEM modelling of sound reduction index in partition CLT wall
Authors: Hörström, Erik and Hultin, Adam
66 pages. First published January 2020.

TVBA-5057 (pdf 8.1 MB)
Title: SuperAcoustics - Development of Android application to measure sound reduction index
Authors: Bengtsson, Karl and Sandefeldt, Elliot
67 pages. First published June 2019.

TVBA-5056 (pdf 3.88 MB)
Title: Experimental investigation of structure-borne noise induced by railway traffic in a multi-storey building
Author: Cederquist, Adam
89 pages. First published December 2018.

TVBA-5055 (pdf 3.1 MB)
Title: Development of Smartphone app for reverberation time measurements in rooms with furniture
Authors: Cui, Yuzhao and Wang, Yilin
72 pages. First published November 2018.

TVBA-5054 (pdf 1.9 MB)
Title: Studie om en förbättrad taluppfattning i klassrum med avseende på barn med cochleaimplantat
Author: Klasson, Love
76 pages. First published October 2018.

TVBA-5053 (pdf 1.9 MB)
Title: An Investigation on PVDF Piezoelectric Elements and Linear Array Transducers
Author: Alkhudri, Ali
74 pages. First published June 2017.

TVBA-5052 (pdf 2.6 MB)
Title: Sustainable thermal and acoustic retrofitting of façade walls
Author: Lundh, Henric
112 pages. First published June 2017.

TVBA-5051 (pdf not available)
Title: Real Time Auralization using Ray-Tracing on a GPUs
Author: Molin, Erik
42 pages. First published August 2016.

TVBA-5050 (pdf 7.39 MB)
Title: Wind-induced transmission of low frequency vibrations for a tall multi-storey wood building
Authors: Spjuth, Gustav and Åkesson, Louise
77 pages. First published November 2016.

TVBA-5049 (pdf 6 MB)
Title: Investigation of Impact Sound Behaviour in Lightweight Floor Constructions - A Market Survey and Finite Element Analysis
Author: Sandberg, Fanny
77 pages. First published June 2016.

TVBA-5048 (pdf 3.9 MB)
Title: Acoustic Design of Swimming Halls
Author: Hall, Malin
123 pages. First published July 2016.

TVBA-5047 (pdf 5.6 MB)
Title: Dynamic Analysis of Vibrations in Steel Staircases Induced by Walking
Authors: Göransson, Patrik and Hansson, David
Work made in cooperation with the Division of Structural Mechanics, LTH and Tyréns AB.
136 pages. First published December 2015.

TVBA-5046(pdf 2.1 MB)
Title: Acoustic Landscape in Hospitals
Author: Lindros, Mia
 68 pages. Report first published October 2014.

TVBA-5045(pdf 1.7 MB)
Title: A New Approach for Detecting Strong Reflections in Rooms
Author: Wargert, Stina
 73 pages. Report first published April, 2014.

TVBA-5044 (pdf 4.3 MB)
Title: Sound Propagation Through Australian Forest Land - With Special Regards to Noise Generated by Wind Turbines
Author: Grönberg, Alexandra
Work made at the Division of Machine Design, Department of Design Sciences
 215 pages. Report first published January 2015.

TVBA-5043(pdf 2.3 MB)
Title: The Sound Environment in Preschools - A Guide to Acoustical Improvements with Regard to Health and Learning
 Author: Arvidsson, Emma
 95 pages. Report first published January, 2014.

TVBA-5042(pdf 1.9 MB)
Title: Sensor Array Optimization for Multiple Harmonic Sound Source Separation and DOA
Author: Suárez López, Elisabet
 89 pages. Report first published May, 2013.

TVBA-5041(pdf 1.5 MB)
Title: Investigation of the Influence of Incident Angle and Frequency Dependence of a Ceiling Absorber on Room Acoustic Descriptors
Author: Bjarnadottir, Arnheidur
56 pages. Report first published December, 2013.

TVBA-5040(pdf 1.2 MB)
Title: Implementation of Acoustical Analogies in Openfoam and CALFEM
Author: Nilsson, Johan
46 pages. First published December, 2010.

TVBA-5039 / *TVBK-5170  (pdf 4.2 MB)
Title:Vibration of Hollow Core Concrete Elements Induced by Walking
Author: Johansson, Pia
161 pages. First published March, 2009. *TVBK-5170  Div. of Structural Engineering.

TVBA-5038(pdf 1.4 MB)
Title:Simulation of the Human Footsteps Induced Floor Vibrations
Author: Claesson, Jimmy
134 pages. First published July, 2008.

TVBA-5037 (pdf not available)
Title:Beräkning och utvärdering av markvibrationer under byggskede och under drift av infrastruktur
Author: Ugras Sarioglu, Mustafa 
-- pages.Report not yet available.

TVBA-5036(pdf 1.8 MB)
Title:Beräkningsstandard för ljudisolering
Author: Hansson, Margot
105 pages. First published 2006.

TVBA-5035(pdf 1.5 MB)
Title:Akustisk komfort i musikövningsrum
Author: Janson, Fredric
97 pages. First published March, 2006.

TVBA-5034 (pdf not available)
Title:Ceiling Absorbers in Open-Plain Office
Author: Simonsson, Eskil
-- pages. First published 2005.

TVBA-5033 (pdf not available)
Title:Koppling mellan ett golvs sviktande egenskaper och det ergonomiska välbefinnandet för brukaren
Authors: Bahtijaragic, Zlatan och Eriksson, Samuel
-- pages. First published 2005.

TVBA-5032 (pdf not available)
Title:Optimization of Mobile Phone Microphones in Windy and Noisy Environments
Author: Gustavsson, Stefan
-- pages. First published 2002.

TVBA-5031 (pdf not available)
Title:The Influence of Room Acoustical Treatment in day Care Centers
Author: Cervin, Birgitta
-- pages. First published 2003.

TVBA-5030 (pdf not available)
Title:Ljudisolerings-och vibrationsegenskaper för övergolvskonstruktioner - I kombination med träbjälklaget SödraSemi
Author: Herrström, Elin
-- pages. First published 2003.

TVBA-5029 (pdf not available)
Title:Structure-Acoustic Analysis Using BEM/FEM; Implementation in Matlab
Author: Holmström, Fredrik
-- pages. First published 2001.

TVBA-5028 (pdf not available)
Title:Frequency Response and Perceived Sound Quality for Mobile Phones
Author: Wang, Junye
-- pages. First published 2001. 

TVBA-5027 (pdf not available)
Title:Svikt och vibrationer hos lätta bjälklag
Author: Johansson, Ann-Charlotte
-- pages. First published 1999.

TVBA-5026 (pdf not available)
Title:Positioning of Microphone Inside a car
Author: Eriksson, Ingvar
-- pages. First published 1998.

TVBA-5025 (pdf not available)
Title:Boundary Element Simulation of a Loudspeaker in a Mobile telephone
Author: Ahlin, Per
-- pages. First published 1998.

TVBA-5024 (pdf not available)
Title:Loudspeaker Systems With Delay - Desired Delay and RASTI
Author: Eriksson, Sofi
-- pages. First published 1998.

TVBA-5023 (pdf not available)
Title:Ultrasonic Interference Loudspeaker
Author: Berg, Thomas
-- pages. First published 1998.

TVBA-5022 (pdf not available)
Title:Akustisk isolationskammare för kondensatormikrofonkapslar
Author: Isberg, Peter
-- pages. First published 1997.

TVBA-5021 (pdf not available)
Title:Analys av tonsändare för undervattensbruk
Authors: Pilblad, Åsa och Nyman, Ulf
-- pages. First published 1997.

TVBA-5020 (pdf not available)
Title:Stegljudstransmission genom lätta träkonstruktioner
Author: Brunskog, Jonas
-- pages. First published 1996.

TVBA-5019 (pdf not available)
Title:Vibrationer i lätta bjälklag - en modellstudie
Authors: Kellman, Per och Knutsson, Magnus
-- pages. First published ---.

TVBA-5018 (pdf not available)
Title:Frekvensoberoende dämpning i hörselskydd (kåpor)
Author: Hiselius, Per
-- pages. First published 1993.

TVBA-5017 (pdf not available)
Title:Lyssningstest på trombonklangen
Author: Holmberg, Dag
-- pages. First published 1995.

TVBA-5016 (pdf not available)
Title:Increased Speech Intelligibility in Mobile Telephones by Active Noise Control
Authors: Krishna, Mohan and Rosberg, Mikael
-- pages. First published ---.

TVBA-5015 (pdf not available)
Title:Virtual Reality: Akustiken. Ett prototypsystem för ljudsimulering
Author: Tumpic, Denis
-- pages. First published 1994.

TVBA-5014 (pdf not available)
Title:Mätning av mobilitet hos steget i en flygel
Author: Ekström, Reinhold
-- pages. First published 1991.

TVBA-5013 (pdf not available)
Title:Inverkan av bakgrundsbrus och absorptionsmängd på önskad talnivå i en normalstor skolsal
Author: Dehghani, Seyed
-- pages. First published 1994.

TVBA-5012 (pdf not available)
Title:En undersökning av svikt och stegljud i lätta träbjälklag
Authors: Jonasson, Maria och Lundh, Anders
-- pages. First published 1993.

TVBA-5011 (pdf not available)
Title:Ljudkvalité i mobiltelfonmiljö
Authors: Malmgren, Niklas och Petterson, Anders
-- pages. First published 1991.

TVBA-5010 (pdf not available)
Title:Acoustic Field Studies of Passenger Compartment in Cars
Author: Olsson, Torbjörn
-- pages. First published 1989.

TVBA-5009 (pdf not available)
Title:Analys av bromsvibrationer
Author:Gustavsson, Mats
-- pages. First published 1989.

TVBA-5008 (pdf not available)
Structural Vibration Induced Sound in a Lorry-Cabin
Authors: Johansson, Thomas and Persson, Roger
-- pages. First published 1989.

TVBA-5007 (pdf not available)
The Phase Behaviour of Transfer Functions of Rooms

Author: Raab, Olle
-- pages. First published 1988.

TVBA-5006 (pdf not available)
Title:Signal Processor Zisiphus
Authors: Brandt, Jörgen och Olsson, Leif
-- pages. First published 1985.

TVBA-5005 (pdf not available)
Title:Signal Processor Zisiphus
Authors: Hedbjörk, Bengt och Svensson, Sven Olle
-- pages. First published 1983.

TVBA-5004 (pdf not available)
Title:Buller från trafik i Lund
Author: Apostolakis Gregory
-- pages. First published 1983.

TVBA-5003 (pdf not available)
Title:En undersökning av den klassiska  gitarrens klangformbarhet
Author: Nilsson, Erling
-- pages. First published 1981.

TVBA-5002 (pdf not available)
Title:Prediktering av taluppfattbarhet från rummets energi-impulssvar
Author: Sanborn, Per-Eric
-- pages. First published 1981.

TVBA-5001 (pdf not available)
Title:Rörapparaten. Några erfarenheter om impedans- och absorptionsmätningar
Author: Johansson, L-Å
-- pages. First published 1980.

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