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Doctoral Theses

Report TVBA-1017
  (pdf 35.9 MB)
Title:Acoustic Design with Regard to Human Perception
Author: Arvidsson, Emma
181 pages. First published April 2022.
ISBN: 978-91-8039-217-4 (print); 978-91-8039-218-1 (pdf) .

Report TVBA-1016  (pdf 5.68 MB)
Title:Evaluation of acoustic comfort in apartment buildings
Author: Vardaxis, Nikolaos Georgios
220 pages. First published August 2019.
ISBN: 978-91-7895-222-9 (print); 978-91-7895-221-2 (pdf) .

Report TVBA-1015  (pdf 8.5 MB)
Title:Management of acoustics in lightweight structures
Author: Hagberg, Klas
151 pages. First published April 2018.
ISBN: 978-91-7753-600-0 (print); 978-91-7753-601-7 (pdf) .

Report TVBA-1014  (pdf 19.1 MB)
Title:Indoor Noise From Urban Railbound Transport
Author: Olafsen, Sigmund
169 pages. First published May 2016.
ISBN: 978-91-7623-717-5 (print); 978-91-7623-718-2 (pdf) .

Report TVBA-1013  (pdf 64.1 MB)
Title:Vibroacoustic Performance of Wooden Buildings - Perception and Prediction
Author: Negreira, Juan
280 pages (printed) / 254 pages (web version) First published April 2016.
ISBN: 978-91-7623-642-0 (print); 978-91-7623-643-7 (pdf) .

Report TVBA-1012  (pdf 4.4 MB)
Title:Drum Sound From Floor Coverings - Objective and Subjective Assessment
Author: Johansson, Ann-Charlotte
130 pages. First published 2005. ISBN: 91-628-6531-5.

Report TVBA-1011  (pdf not available)
Title:Acoustical Properties of Earplugs
Author: Hiselius, Per
88 pages.First published December, 2004. ISBN: 91-628-6370-3.

Report TVBA-1010  (pdf not available)
Title:Absorption Characteristics of Periodically Perforated Suspended Ceilings
Author: Holmberg, Dag
96 pages. First published 2003. ISBN: 91-628-5717-7.

Report TVBA-1009  (pdf 3.0 MB)
Title:Acoustic Excitation and Transmission of Lightweight Structures
Author: Brunskog, Jonas
196 pages. First published December, 2002. ISBN: 91-628-5474-7.

Report TVBA-1008  (pdf not available)
Title:Applications of the Complex Modulation Transfer Function on SEA-Systems
Author: Lundberg, Karl-Ola
89 pages. First published 1999. ISBN: 91-7874-033-9.

Report TVBA-1007  (pdf not available)
Title:A Novel Signal Model and Estimation Method for Acoustic Doppler Current Meters
Author: Lagö, Tomas
526 pages. First published 1999. ISBN: ---.

Report TVBA-1006  (pdf not available)
Title:Numerical Modelling of Dynamics of Light Porous Materials
Author: Göransson, Peter
170 pages. First published November, 1998. ISBN: ---.

Report TVBA-1005  (pdf not available)
Title:Scattering by Thin Strip-Like Elements and Applications in Room Acoustics
Author: Ouis, Djamel
146 pages. First published December, 1995. ISBN: ---.

Report TVBA-1004  (pdf not available)
Title:Decay Processes in Rooms With Non-Diffuse Sound Fields
Author: Nilsson, Erling
198 pages. First published May, 1992. ISBN: ---.

Report TVBA-1003(pdf not available)
Title:Studies of Power Transmission and Sound Radiation for Source and Receiver Structures Coupled via Large Contact Areas
Author: Hammer, Per
233 pages. First published December, 1991. ISBN: ---.

Report TVBA-1002  (pdf not available)
Title:Studies of Sound Insulation Problems in Different Construction Elements on Elastic Foundations
Author: Gudmundsson, Steindor
10 pages. First published April, 1984. ISBN: ----.

Report TVBA-1001  (pdf not available)
Title:Diffraction by a Screen Above an Impedance Boundary
Author: Thomasson, Sven-Ingvar
60 pages. First published 1977. ISBN: ----.

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